Hello~My name is Lisa Grace and I'm excited to meet you! 

As a voice and songwriting coach, I am blessed to have the opportunity to inspire creatives of all ages to become more of who they are. Each one of us has music inside and it is my pleasure to encourage the inner singer and songwriter to be expressed. 
As a composer, I am thrilled to partner with my twin sister Linda Sebenius and others to create works in several categories of music including children's, posi, new age, and film. 
As a producer, I am involved in the production of original works for stage and sound recording with Music Shine Media.  I also enjoy acting as  producer/video editor for a variety of film projects. From award-winning children's media to musical ensembles, I enjoy helping tell the story of what is captured on film.
As a performer it is a joy to perform over 40 shows a year  for symphonic organizations such as Seattle Symphony and Vancouver Symphony. 
I hope this site helps you in some way...either to encourage you to pursue your own dreams of creative expression...or to meet with me for a session to explore what kind of amazing possibilities there are for us to create together. 

VOICE Lessons
June 25 through August 22

Private Voice/Songwriting Lessons
LGMusic in Anacortes
1004 19th St., Anacortes

Email [email protected] for more information
about available lesson times before registering.