About Lisa Grace - Director, LGMusic

B.A., M.A., Music Education, University of Washington
A.A. Math, Miami University
Dedicated to the unlimited potential of every person through music, Lisa brings her love of education and love of music together in her voice coaching studio. 
With 10 years of classical piano training as a foundation, Lisa continued her serious vocal studies after raising her family. During her years of study, Lisa's coaches and mentors have included reknowned teachers such as Dr. Emily Berendsen, Carmen Pelton, Valerie Yockey, and "The Maestro".  
In addition to her training in classical voice pedagogy, jazz studies, and music theory, Lisa is also an accomplished performer with over 600 performances as lead singer for her duo with her twin sister "Lisa Linda Shine" on major symphony stages in the Pacific Northwest. Lisa also sang professionally with "The Dickens Carolers" for three seasons with over 80 hours of acappella quartet singing each year.

Songwriting is another one of Lisa's musical passions. With over 40 original songs in her library, she continues her songwriting focus by coaching her students in a "Songwriting Legend" unit each year. Songwriting workshops and recording sessions further the songwriting process. 
Lisa began her teaching career in 1994 as a Lake Washington School District Music Educator. In 1995, she started her private voice studio in her Sammamish location. After many years of combining her love of classroom teaching and her successful private studio, Lisa transitioned to full-time private teaching in 2007. In 2013, Lisa moved from Sammamish to Anacortes and opened her new private studio location for LGMusic.  
During her graduate work at the University of Washington, Lisa focused her research on children's media. Her graduate project, "Beyond Barney—Music Education and Television for the Young Child in the 21st Century" highlights how music is used in longstanding and high quality children's shows for PBS. It was during this research that Lisa and Linda developed their relationship with Dr. Dorothy Singer and the Yale University Family Television Research and Consultation Center. Dr. Singer, advisor to Mister Rogers Neighborhood for many years, was instrumental in the professional review of LET YOUR MUSIC SHINE's  DVD projects. 


LGMusic Coaching

Voice Training

Many students seek help with auditions, original compositions, and vocal confidence. Each student is initially assessed based on her vocal strengths and challenges. During voice training, Lisa will train proper posture, diaphragm breathing, support of tone, expanded range, and clear articulation. Beyond technique, there is a focus on singing for health & happiness! The age of students currently in the studio are 7-75. Voice training is beneficial at any age! 
It is a primary goal of LGMusic that each and every student is encouraged, supported, and brought to a new level of vocal confidence.  Frequent performances and workshops round out this vocal training. 
In performance skill coaching, students are encouraged to "First, consider the idea being sung, and then add the voice!" From microphone handling to facial/body expression, all aspects of performance are coached in an emotionally safe, very positive atmosphere where the students gifts are highlighted. 


These lovely ladies have just finished the annual LGMusic Songwriting Workshop with Special Guest Sue Ennis.  Another great session exploring song form, developing the hook, and writing great lyrics. 
LGMusic studio is dedicated to the creative process and the craft of songwriting. From idea generation to tracking in studio, Lisa Grace will help young songwriters develop their skills and confidence in one of the most exciting areas of music today.
This is how songwriting coaching works. We meet for 45 min. (or more). I ask what type of feedback you are hoping for - lyrics? melody? structure? chord progression? If you say "all", I give general feedback. You give me a lead sheet of your song to reference while you play. (Lyrics + chords). You play your original song. After you play, I give my perspective on your song…where it hit me, where it didn't. What drew me in, what bored me. I give feedback on things from my perspective, which is educated and experienced. We discuss the feedback. You hopefully walk away with inspiration and ideas about how to further your craft of songwriting. We set goals for a future session and then you are off to be the creative master of your songwriting universe until we meet again. 

Recording Studio

LGMusic students are encouraged to develop their skills for studio recording. Each year, typically during the summer session, students are invited to train for and record in a professional studio setting. In this photo, Marlo is working on editing her original song with Engineer Jonathan Plum at London Bridge Studios in Seattle. 
Students have recorded original songs, Christmas CD's, Italian Arias, and musical theater audition tracks. Anything is possible in studio! It's an exciting environment for creative expression and LGMusic prepares the student for a successful recording experience. 
Articles by Lisa Grace
By Lisa Grace
Musicians as Music-Makers
According to Webster's New World Dictionary (Lorimer and Bunch, 1980), a musician is "a person skilled in music, as a composer or one who plays a musical instrument or sings, especially for a living." Consider the picture of Ben, a 9-month old child, sitting on the floor, creating a rhythm on a set of pots and pans. Is this child a musician? Ben is music making in the fullest sense of his understanding of the language of music. His culture of infant experience allows him to be a fully skilled musician gleefully creating the "Composition of the Pots and Pans". Perhaps a more appropriate definition of "musician" is "one who makes music". As philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff is quoted as saying (Elliot, 1995, p. 49), "the basic reality of music is not the works nor the composition of works but music making."... (Please contact Lisa to receive the remainder of this article.)
Sound Recognition and the Relevance of Prenatal Musical Enrichment
By Lisa Grace
A precious seed from a rare and wondrous plant is discovered. Conditions for planting this seed are discussed by experts to ensure the success of the adult plant so that many more of this incredible plant may grow. Every effort is made so that the soil conditions and nurturances given the seed from the first moments of growth provide even more than is necessary to bring about strong, healthy development. The life of a child is as precious and as wondrous as a seed, and deserves expert attention regarding growth, development, and potential from the first moments of life.....(Please contact Lisa to receive the remainder of this article.)

Additional ARTICLES available  upon request.