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Category: CD or DVD

CD Echo - (New Age 1994)
CD Let Your Music Shine (Children's 1998)
CD Music Shine Time (Also released as Symphony Shine Time!) 
    (Children's 2001) Parent's Choice Gold Award - 2002
DVD Splish Splash Over the Ocean (Children's 2004)
    Communicator Award
DVD/CD Let's Have a Playdate with Brahms (Children's 2007)
Silver Communicator Award
DVD/CD Singin' Safari (Children's 2007)
    Gold Communicator Award
CD Garden Full of Songs (Children's 2008)
CD Holiday Hooray! (Holiday 2009) 
CD Muzical Zoo For Me & You! (Children's 2015) 

Category: ORIGINAL SONG – Children's

Come On, Let's Have a Playdate
Dippy Slippy
Goin' On a Picnic
Hooray, Hooray
If Ya Wanna Be an Iguana
Look At Those Jazz Cats
Meant to Be
Orangatana Boogie
Singin' Safari Time
The Library, The Library!
Waking UP
What Shall I Give?
YoHo YoHo Adventuring We Go
There’s Nothin’ Like Baby Goats
Sing Me a Story
            Let’s All Go To the Circus
            Wiggle Warm Up
            I Can Sing, I Can Play
            Travelin' High
            We Celebrate!
            Walking Through the Forest
Category: ORIGINAL SONG - New Age/Posi

Ah is for Angel
Ah-leluia Chant
All My Heart
Another Chance
Be Still
Dew Rising
Footprints We Follow
Free Falling Through the Clouds
Free to Fly
I am One with All Creation
I'm Only One
I'm Walking Home
It Happened to Me
Just Show Up
Kwan Yin
Light Shines Within
Live the Questions
Look Inside
My Heart's Home
Peace Lies Within
Sun is Lifting
Take Another Step
Take This Bread
Thank-you God for Music
The Open Door
The Wind Blows Through
There's a Promise of a New Day
Trust in the Lord
Tulip Reminder
Where Does it Come From

Category: Instrumental

Time Without Words
Flute Solo 2
Brilliant Idea


Bartok: A Garden Full of Songs
Bears Musical Picnic
Goldyhands and the Three Bows
BEETHOVEN's Birthday Bear
Holiday Hooray
Let's Have a Playdate with Brahms
Rain Grey and the Seven Drums
Sailing the Musical Seas
Singin' Safari
YOHO YOHO Adventuring We Go!
Musical Zoo for Me and You!
Shine Time Music Olympics
Folk & Fiddlin' Time!